France is a big market. It is a market with big potential for most Scandinavian companies.

Many companies have achieved substantial success in France, but nevertheless more than half of the corporations which are trying to find their place on the French market give up with the first year of prospection.

Reasons can be many, but the major one is that they have not succeeded with profiling their company or their products on the market. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with the quality of the products or pricing, but in a much greater extent the lack of cultural understanding.

This is exactly why we are called Attitude Consult and what we can help you with.

Why Attitude?

To export demands an acceptance. It requires to be able to change your  Attitude. You need to accept changing what you know as the right way to do things.


The key factor becomes how they do things on this new market you are prospecting.


It is this Attitude we can help you with


The French market is no exception. It is a demanding market.


It is a market which requires a knowledge of its language but just as much of its cultural and business background.

It is a market which requires a specialist


This specialist is Attitude Consult. We offer you to become your French Export Department, as a consultant. 

The way we work

We work as an integrated part of your company, without the obligations of an employment

We are Attitude Consult

Attitude Consult offers you help on all the necessary steps on the way to a success on the French market.


  • We learn about your company's history, culture and spirit. 

  • We learn about your products. 

  • We make a market analyse, we check local competition. 

  • Together we define sales strategy, sales channels, and targets.

  • We take care of necessary translations of your website, your marketing material.

  • We prospect partners and customers according to the strategy we decided.

We are not an analysis agency, but a sales office which loves to be flown behind enemy lines 

We are Attitude

Led by Cedric Weider, a Frenchman living in Denmark for the last 25 years, the company is obviously turned towards France, more precisely towards trading between France and Denmark.

Our team consists of several consultants, with experience in different industries such as IT, building industry, design and retail.

Thanks to 25 years of experience in international trade, we can offer your company many existing contacts in France

Cedric Weider
  • Educated as an Export engineer in France in 1990

  • Sales Director for more than 10 years 

  • Company owner and CEO for 10 years

  • Trilingual (French, Danish & English)      




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Package 1:


  • Product adaptation

  • Website translation

  • Marketing material translation

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Package 2:


Prospection & Sales

  • Product training of our team

  • Definition of strategy

  • Definition of targets  & goals

  • Customers & partners prospection           

  • Meetings abroad

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Package 3:


Follow up

  • Daily contact with customers

  • Orders processing

  • Follow up on plans & targets with customers

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